Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine is one of the nation’s most loved broadcasters. He is the voice of BBC Radio 2’s midday phone in, topical issues show.  The show covers all types of subjects as well as a regular feature about allotments - (who knew the latter would take off??)   Jeremy also hosts topical shows on TV such as the  “Jeremy Vine” show, first aired in 2018.  

I was fairly confident that I’d meet a nice man, but little did I know that he’d be so full of energy, give so much for the camera and be genuinely fun to work with.  I should maybe have realised that he could give the camera some unusual moves after reading some of the comments he got  when participating in Strictly Come Dancing: “a stork that had been struck by lightning”..  

Jeremy totally got where we were trying to go with the shoot..  He played ball and he gave his all.  His body shape allows him to throw out shapes that fit somewhere between slap stick, carry on films, cartoons and high fashion.  Jeremy’s talent is wasted on topical shows and radio - he should be a show man.  Enter a stage with big red curtains rolling back.  He should be at a place where he is able to use his physique and give us a visual show.  Maybe he should have a workout video - although I have the feeling it may break a few backs….

Shot for Event Magazine

Chris Evans for Virgin Radio

If you live in the UK you know who Chris Evans is.  Either from having hosted Britain’s most popular Radio programs on Radio 1 or Radio 2 or for TV programs such as The Big Breakfast or Top Gear (where he was finally able to show his true love, cars).

This year we saw Chris move from Radio 2’s Big Breakfast show to Virgin Radio’s breakfast show.  For this occasion I got to meet the man and photograph him at his new studio near London Bridge.  

I have to admit I was expecting a man who was tired after having been on the radio for 3 hours, staring before sunrise.  However, a very tall, energetic, fun and friendly man turned, up after his early morning broadcast on Radio 2.  The images were used to promote the new show and could be seen on posters around London.  

Shot for Virgin Radio