Cat Deeley

I have worked with Cat Deeley before and I remember back then, that her presence in the room was like a sunshine-whirlwind, if any such thing exists. Her presence in the room is so noticeable, a total uplifting and fun contribution to any professional environment. She invites everyone in the room to join in, treats everyone with respect and is contagious and generous with her positivity. Saying that, she is also 100% professional and photographs like a dream. The last shoot I did with Cat was in a studio but this time we had the great backdrop of a traditional London Caff’! A long way from LA, where Cat has resided for about 10 years now, Cat is now back on British screens! And we wanted to make sure there was no doubt, so apart from the Caff we included a good portion of Sausage, bacon and chips in the pics.