A long trip up to Glasgow but all worth it to meet the Indie band Chvrches. Their last album was a great success and no doubt this will be a great follow up.

We were to meet at their studio, a small basement flat in an old victorian building, right in the middle of an eclectic industrial area of Glasgow. Not an easy place to squeeze in to do a studio like cover shoot, but we made it work after having moved a few items around. The second half of the shoot was a little easier as we had a few blocks of industrial buildings and some greenery to use as backdrop.

The band were themselves very low key and chilled. That they were happy to wander the streets with me and do the shoot in such a calm fashion was especially surprising as they had just received the masters from the new album a few minutes before my arrival. I am sure they would rather sit and soak in every note of the album instead of wandering the local streets with me and imposing on local businesses in order to get good backdrops.

Chvrches feels like one of those bands that will always have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Maybe that’s the Scottish thing or maybe it’s just that they are the types that don’t let their heads expand with fame and success. I have always had a soft spot for the Scottish and it’s for exactly this reason. If you see a Scott that’s got a big ego then you know his or her fellow country men/women will soon let them know otherwise. They have a nice way of keeping everyone on the same level.