John Cleese

The fact is that there are not many of my generation who would not hail John Cleese as a comedy hero. It therefore comes as a surprise to hear that John Cleese is by his own admittance is an introvert, someone who doesn’t like the stage, big audience and has problems with his own self image. It was exactly this that became the basis of the shoot with John as well. We were crammed into a small room at his book publishers, spread the props out on the floor and said ‘take your pick’… It became an exercise of expression exhaustion, inspired by prop overload. John is still one of my comedy heroes and his autobiography out now is bound to be a very good read and a Christmas best seller. Oh - and let’s not forget that now you can also get an app called ‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’… I think I may wait for the dead parrot app instead.