Nicole Kidman

Hollywood don’t have many queens, and achieving a ‘Queen of Hollywood’ status involves having plenty of accolades, longevity and maintaining an aura of unknown about them. Nicole Kidman ticks all the boxes. With Nicole the shoot was originally planned to be a 10 minute one. However, as the day evolved and we were told of Nicole both being struck by the flue and suffering from bad jet lag, the shoot was shortened to a manageable 5 minutes.

The first thing that struck me when she walked into the room was how tall she was, the second was how amazing she looked despite the condition her condition was in, and the third was that it was simply put harder to take a bad picture of her than a good one.

3 films being released in just a few months, one being an Oscar contender, Nicole will comfortable maintain her seat on the throne as one of Hollywood’s Queens as well as perhaps Australia’s most famous person. All titles she’s earned from hard work and nothing passed on through bloodline or money. But she was born in Honolulu and was given the native name Hōkūlani - which in Hawaiian means ‘Heavenly Star’ - so maybe she has had more help getting to where she is today than what we know about?

Shot for The Observer New Review