Sara Pascoe

Who do you think of when I say very smart, funny and blond?  Yea - ok, Dolly Parton - but also Sara Pascoe.  She came to the shoot with her little dog, 4 different Batsheva dresses, some serious high healed shoes and earrings unlike any I have ever seen before.  No stylist needed! 

Sara was promoting her book “Sex Power Money” - so what better way to promote that visual idea than to photograph her in a Batsheva dress to suit a Gingham backdrop.  For the last outfit we had a more blue look and finished the outfit with a pair of earrings made out of dolls’ heads.  Genius!!!!  

This shoot of Sara for The Observer Magazine had the headline “I wanted to be prime minister” - and I can guarantee you that she would be a 100% better prime minister than other blondes I can think of. 

Shot for the Observer Magazine