Adeline Grattard

I arrived in Paris on a hot summers day to photograph Adeline Grattard at her restaurant Yam’Tcha. Adeline is a Michelin Star chef known for her fusion between French and Chinese cuisines. Her restaurant is a fine dining restaurant that has used Chinese ways of cooking and combined them with fresh French ingredients and influences. Her recipes are unique and together with her husband Chi Wah, they also run a tea and dim sum takeaway, just around the corner from Yam’Tcha. One of her signature dishes is “The Story of Our Lives” which is a bao stuffed with stilton cheese.

The fine dining restaurant had the definite air of exclusiveness when you entered the door. But besides the Maitre De, the intense concentration by chefs and waiters, the restaurant also had a section dedicated to tea. On day two of our shoot we had the taster menu at Yam’Tcha. We had a different tea to accompany each course. A great way to appreciate the food and drink, without relying on the different flavours of wine, beer and champagne.

Apart from the amazing fresh ingredients Adeline sources, her cooking uses steaming techniques and fiery woks to bring out that Chinese taste. The restaurant decor combined the exclusive gold tones with dreamy, misty wall decorations.

On this shoot I collaborated with the great people at Cook magazine that accompanies the Italian national newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Shot for Cook - Corriere della Sera