Boy George

Boy George and his music takes me back to the 80’s and my teenage years. Since then George has made many more headlines, but unfortunately not always for the right reasons. The 30 years proceeding his success with the songs ‘Karma Chameleon’ and ‘Do you really want to hurt me’, George has experienced some real low points and it’s all been documented. But now he is back; looking good and sounding like his old self. His new album is getting air play and feels a lot like George and his photography, (because he is now also a photographer) is looking pretty good too.

I suppose I was expecting a man that was a little cagey and protective when I turned up at the studio that winter’s morning, but instead I met a cheerful, nice and fun Boy George. He seemed like a new man who’s back to follow on his success from the 80’s, skip everything between, and is most probably going to manage to do so in style. A very nice man indeed and fun to shoot. He turned up readily made up and – as he said himself when I tried to get some natural reactions from him during the shoot: “I don’t dress up like this to look natural”.